Considerations When Choosing Blinds?

What Should You Consider When Choosing Blinds?

When it comes to your window treatments, what is important to you? Here are some common elements people look when for buying window shades or blinds.

Controlling Light

Are you tired of blinding light coming into your home, bleaching your carpet and furniture, or creating a glare on the TV? Most people feel the same way. There are many types of window shades and blinds that will fix this issue.

You can use blackout or light filtering window treatments.

Light filtering treatments are perfect for people who want a small, comfortable amount of light entering their home. This light control is great for the dining room and kitchen. Blackout treatments, block most, or all, of the light coming into a room. This allows you to watch a movie or sleep in, without worrying about light coming into your room.


Do you want operable slats?

You may wonder why this matters? Well, some shades, like cellular shades, only allow an outdoor view when the shades are raised. Blinds, including wood blinds, let you tilt the blind’s slats so that you can see outside, and allow more light into the room. You must decide how you want to operate the window treatment before you make a purchase.

Increased Insulation

From chilling cold to burning heat, a simple window treatment can improve your home’s insulation. This can cut down on your energy costs. In fact, you can save up to 25 percent of your home’s cooling and heating costs, which can be attributed to energy lost through windows.

Hands-down, the award-winning cellular shades are the best window treatment for insulation. These are also known as cell or honeycomb shades. These window treatments can dramatically reduce the amount of cold or heat lost through windows.

Another great insulating shutter style is, the new foam-injected plantation shutters, these are the equivalent of putting that material that lines ice-boxes. Plantation shutters are extremely popular in Sydney these days and many people are getting them not only for their thermal qualities but also their attractiveness and functionality says Aaron – a Sydney plantation shutter installer that supplies both thermalite and basswood plantation shutter styles.


Protection from Elements

This is more relevant if you’re looking at getting patio blinds. Outdoor blinds can cover your patio and protect it from sun, rain and wind.

Make a Visual Impact

The proper window treatments can make or break your home. A window treatment can be subtle or bold, with stylish clean lines or bright splashes of color. Before you start shopping for shades or blinds, you should know how you want the window treatments to complement your home décor. This can include the color and texture of the blinds or shades.

Match the Shape of the Window

The blind or shade should match the shape of the window. Getting a good match is essential. If your window is a normal rectangular shape, then you have a large variety of shades and blinds available to you. However, if you have a window that has an irregular shape, then you may need some help. We can assist you in finding the right product to fit your window.


When you get a quote for blinds or shades, make sure it includes the price of installation. You should know, up front, the cost of labour. Some retailers do not include the coast of installation which makes their quote appear cheaper. If the installation is included, but far less than the other quotes, you should question it. You also need to ensure the installer has carpentry or cabinet making skills. These skills can ensure your job is done correctly.

Updating Your Kitchen

Many people find the thought of a kitchen makeover overwhelming. The thoughts of ripping up flooring, removing cabinets and mounds of sawdust in the kitchen can send even the savviest home remodeler reeling. Before you give up on your dream of a kitchen makeover, check out this article. It offers many ideas to help you transform your kitchen affordably and without the mess typically associated with a large kitchen remodel.


Accent walls are a great way to add interest to your kitchen. An accent wall should be painted with a bold color to make the area really pop. The accent wall creates an instant color palette that you can use to help decorate the rest of your kitchen. For this project, all you need is a can of paint and a couple of hours. You will be surprised at the wow factor you can create with something as simple as a freshly painted accent wall.

Adding a backsplash is another project you can do to instantly improve your kitchen. There are many wonderful backsplash options at your local home improvement store. Whether you opt for peel and stick tiles or the newest metallic ceiling tins, you can create interest quickly and affordably. Because these products are so easy to use, even a novice do it yourselfer can handle the installation.

You can update your kitchen cabinets by adding glass fronts to your cabinet doors. Another option is to paint your cabinets. This job takes a little time, but is inexpensive and is a great way to revamp your entire kitchen. Choose a semi-gloss enamel paint to make it easy to clean your cabinets. Finally, if the thoughts of painting your kitchen cabinets seem overwhelming, try replacing your kitchen cabinet hardware. This simple project takes only a few minutes and can instantly update your kitchen for a fraction of the cost of a kitchen remodel.


Does your kitchen appliances look dated? You can instantly update their look by ordering new doors, painting your appliances or installing face panels. Also, there are some great looking stainless steel adhesive films that can instantly update your appliances. If you would like to order new doors for your appliance, visit the manufacturer’s website. To paint your appliances, visit your home improvement store and check out the many appliance paint color options.

Most kitchens are filled with hard surfaces, including your flooring and countertops. Many people do not consider using fabric to update a kitchen; however, if you have seating in your kitchen, reupholstering your seating is a great way to enhance the look of your kitchen.

As you can see, there are many affordable and easy options to update your kitchen without the mess of a total kitchen remodel. Use some of the ideas in this article if you are ready to bring your kitchen into the 21st century.

Quick and Easy Interior Decorating Tips


1. Consider the right height for hanging your artwork

How you hang your artwork and the height, can make or break its impact in your house or office. According to research, the average human eye level is 1.5m above the ground. Ensuring all your wall hangings are at this level increases exposure to the same. If possible, make it a habit of hanging the artwork at the center of the wall a meter shy of the floor. Any interior designer will tell you that, your artwork is all about the human scale and never the structure’s size. Just because your room/house has a high ceiling doesn’t mean the artwork or pictures should be as high.


2. Let the paint color be your last pick

As weird as it may sound, choosing the paint color for your home shouldn’t be your first decision. While you may be in love with pink, purple, yellow, etc. the color may not complement the artwork or upholstery in your new home. Just because the color looked great in your previous home doesn’t mean it will in the new setup. This is because light sources may vary from one home to the other, among many other sources. This however doesn’t mean you should abandon your favorite color or theme for the house but got for its hues, shades, and tints that complement much better. Brighter hues are often recommended for smaller rooms or limited natural light, while darker tones work best for well-lit and larger rooms.

3. Spacing

Optimizing the space available (while leaving enough breathing room for your furniture and other items) especially in smaller rooms can be intimidating at times. If working with a limited budget, it would then be best to go for better-quality furniture pieces for your home, and only use what you need. If you however have plenty of space in the room, you should then try different arrangement styles to optimize the space available. High-backed chairs are often preferred for both small and spacious rooms for they stand out in almost all scenarios.

4. Furniture arrangement on carpets

There are two approaches that you can use when arranging furniture on rugs/carpets. It working with a large space or a large rug, you should then consider using an ALL ON approach on this. This means all the furniture legs will be resting on the carpet on all the four sides.

Alternatively, you can use the ALL OFF approach if working in a small room and/or carpet. The rug should however be touching the furniture legs on all sides. Using too small a rug may seem like an afterthought and wouldn’t have an excellent presentation. If there’s plenty of room, you can then have the front legs of your furniture rest on the carpet to hold it in position. This type of arrangement is also recommended for textured or larger solid rugs. The rug also needs to complement the paint color you wish to go for or any other appliance in the house.