Considerations When Choosing Blinds?

What Should You Consider When Choosing Blinds?

When it comes to your window treatments, what is important to you? Here are some common elements people look when for buying window shades or blinds.

Controlling Light

Are you tired of blinding light coming into your home, bleaching your carpet and furniture, or creating a glare on the TV? Most people feel the same way. There are many types of window shades and blinds that will fix this issue.

You can use blackout or light filtering window treatments.

Light filtering treatments are perfect for people who want a small, comfortable amount of light entering their home. This light control is great for the dining room and kitchen. Blackout treatments, block most, or all, of the light coming into a room. This allows you to watch a movie or sleep in, without worrying about light coming into your room.


Do you want operable slats?

You may wonder why this matters? Well, some shades, like cellular shades, only allow an outdoor view when the shades are raised. Blinds, including wood blinds, let you tilt the blind’s slats so that you can see outside, and allow more light into the room. You must decide how you want to operate the window treatment before you make a purchase.

Increased Insulation

From chilling cold to burning heat, a simple window treatment can improve your home’s insulation. This can cut down on your energy costs. In fact, you can save up to 25 percent of your home’s cooling and heating costs, which can be attributed to energy lost through windows.

Hands-down, the award-winning cellular shades are the best window treatment for insulation. These are also known as cell or honeycomb shades. These window treatments can dramatically reduce the amount of cold or heat lost through windows.

Another great insulating shutter style is, the new foam-injected plantation shutters, these are the equivalent of putting that material that lines ice-boxes. Plantation shutters are extremely popular in Sydney these days and many people are getting them not only for their thermal qualities but also their attractiveness and functionality says Aaron – a Sydney plantation shutter installer that supplies both thermalite and basswood plantation shutter styles.


Protection from Elements

This is more relevant if you’re looking at getting patio blinds. Outdoor blinds can cover your patio and protect it from sun, rain and wind.

Make a Visual Impact

The proper window treatments can make or break your home. A window treatment can be subtle or bold, with stylish clean lines or bright splashes of color. Before you start shopping for shades or blinds, you should know how you want the window treatments to complement your home décor. This can include the color and texture of the blinds or shades.

Match the Shape of the Window

The blind or shade should match the shape of the window. Getting a good match is essential. If your window is a normal rectangular shape, then you have a large variety of shades and blinds available to you. However, if you have a window that has an irregular shape, then you may need some help. We can assist you in finding the right product to fit your window.


When you get a quote for blinds or shades, make sure it includes the price of installation. You should know, up front, the cost of labour. Some retailers do not include the coast of installation which makes their quote appear cheaper. If the installation is included, but far less than the other quotes, you should question it. You also need to ensure the installer has carpentry or cabinet making skills. These skills can ensure your job is done correctly.