Updating Your Kitchen

Many people find the thought of a kitchen makeover overwhelming. The thoughts of ripping up flooring, removing cabinets and mounds of sawdust in the kitchen can send even the savviest home remodeler reeling. Before you give up on your dream of a kitchen makeover, check out this article. It offers many ideas to help you transform your kitchen affordably and without the mess typically associated with a large kitchen remodel.


Accent walls are a great way to add interest to your kitchen. An accent wall should be painted with a bold color to make the area really pop. The accent wall creates an instant color palette that you can use to help decorate the rest of your kitchen. For this project, all you need is a can of paint and a couple of hours. You will be surprised at the wow factor you can create with something as simple as a freshly painted accent wall.

Adding a backsplash is another project you can do to instantly improve your kitchen. There are many wonderful backsplash options at your local home improvement store. Whether you opt for peel and stick tiles or the newest metallic ceiling tins, you can create interest quickly and affordably. Because these products are so easy to use, even a novice do it yourselfer can handle the installation.

You can update your kitchen cabinets by adding glass fronts to your cabinet doors. Another option is to paint your cabinets. This job takes a little time, but is inexpensive and is a great way to revamp your entire kitchen. Choose a semi-gloss enamel paint to make it easy to clean your cabinets. Finally, if the thoughts of painting your kitchen cabinets seem overwhelming, try replacing your kitchen cabinet hardware. This simple project takes only a few minutes and can instantly update your kitchen for a fraction of the cost of a kitchen remodel.


Does your kitchen appliances look dated? You can instantly update their look by ordering new doors, painting your appliances or installing face panels. Also, there are some great looking stainless steel adhesive films that can instantly update your appliances. If you would like to order new doors for your appliance, visit the manufacturer’s website. To paint your appliances, visit your home improvement store and check out the many appliance paint color options.

Most kitchens are filled with hard surfaces, including your flooring and countertops. Many people do not consider using fabric to update a kitchen; however, if you have seating in your kitchen, reupholstering your seating is a great way to enhance the look of your kitchen.

As you can see, there are many affordable and easy options to update your kitchen without the mess of a total kitchen remodel. Use some of the ideas in this article if you are ready to bring your kitchen into the 21st century.