Make Use of Energy Saving Roller Shutters

In recent years there has been a growing worry about the rising costs or electricity and other sources of energy. Fifty dollars is not going as far as it used to, as costs of living rises.

After doing some quick math using information from Australia’s Bureau of Statistics, most people will not like the news.

As reported by the ABS in a September press release, Australians are consuming 22 percent more gas and 25 percent more energy than a decade ago. It is time to turn off the lights. This goes in line with the rapidly increasing cost of electricity, so it is time to prepare. For the 5 years before the 2012 June quarter, electricity costs went up by a staggering 72 percent, and other sources of household energy went up by 42 percent.


The sun creates solar radiation in short rays, penetrating typical window glass easily, then being absorbed by surfaces inside the room and then re-emitted as radiated heat.

Radiated heat is then absorbed by the glazing on windows or reflected back towards the inside of the room, effectively creating a trap for heat.

The average Australian spends 32 dollars every week on electricity, heating oil, wood, and gas, a rate that is 5 dollars higher than the same time period in 2003. This may seem like a small increase, but it leads to a surprising amount of $1,664 each year on average, with costs going up even further depending on need.

Before you speed through your home turning off all of your devices and resigning yourself to living with candlelight, you should know that installing roller shutters can lower your energy costs by nearly 33 percent thanks to their highly insulating properties.

When the summer heat strikes, most people do not enjoy any activity more than switching on their air conditioners. Do you need to see the list of energy costs again? Roller shutters are efficient at blocking out light and heat, making the interior of your home much more pleasant when summer arrives. While humans aren’t able to see when it is dark, if there is nobody in a room, you can lower the shutters to close out the heat and cool the room. This means you can set down the remote control for your air conditioner.

Aaron from Pro Roller Shutters Adelaide says “roller shutters work to insulate the home from both Summer and Winter temperatures”.

Because roller shutters work to insulate your home using special slats injected with foam, you will see lower power use in both summer and winter as your home stays both cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Capture The Power Of Light

You can control how much light enters your home in any particular room by simply hitting a switch. The perforated hole system we use lets you precisely control the amount of light that is let into your room. This feature is especially useful for those who works a night shift or enjoys taking a mid-afternoon nap.

Insulating Qualities

Every slat in our roller shutters has been injected with polyurethane. Injecting foam is what gives our products their powerful insulating properties. When you close your shutters, your home is insulated not only from heat and cold but also any outdoor noise that may disturb your peaceful interiors.

During winter, when we rely on our blasting heater, roller shutters can also save you money, just like in the summertime. During this time of year, the shutters work to keep your heat inside and the cold outside. You will not have to run your heater nearly as much.

Roller Shutters Powered By The Sun

If you want roller shutters that are not only effective but energy efficient as well, you won’t find anything more suitable than our solar-powered roller shutters. These shutters get the power necessary for operation from the sun’s rays, running completely independent from your main power. To put it simply, the sun’s rays are absorbed by solar panels, where they are converted into useful electricity and stored using a battery. This battery is then used to power the roller shutter motor. For most cases, a single solar panel is plenty for operating the shutter, however, if it is located in an area without adequate sun, you can add an additional solar panel to increase the power generated.

While roller shutters that are solar-powered are considered the gold standard for energy efficiency, even traditionally powered roller shutters will still improve how energy efficient your home is. They provide a barrier to thermal changes, preventing the sun from heating up your windows, which in turn heat up your home’s interior.